iFix Repairs Returns Policy

I offer a 20-Day warranty on all parts that are repaired by me. PLEASE NOTE THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE ANY PHYSICAL DAMAGE DONE TO THE REPAIRED PART.
What's Covered

  • If my part (s) become faulty during the designated warranty period
  • If there is clearly a case of poor workmanship during the warranty time frame 
  • If the device being posted by me gets lost in transit I will replace it for a like for like model (Not a brand-new model.)

What's Not Covered

  • If there is any evidence of accidental damage to the device (You may be asked to send pictures of the device via email or to send the device back to me)
  • If you have taken  the device to a third party
  • If the fault occurs outside the warranty period 
  • If the device sent back is not the same as the device service purchased from iFix
  • If the device has been opened by anyone else.

If you have any further questions regarding the warranty please contact me using the contact us email form which you will be able to find on the home page or by calling me with the number provided.