iFix Accessories Returns Policy

I offer warranty for all my accessories when bought from me. All my accessories have different warranty periods and you will be able to find this on our online shop
What's Covered

  • If the product (s) become faulty during the designated warranty period

What's Not Covered

  • If there is any evidence of accidental damage to the product (s) (You may be asked to send pictures of the product via email or to send the product back to me)
  • If the product becomes faulty outside the warranty period
  • If the product sent back is not the same as the product purchased from iFix
  • If the product has been opened by anyone else.

Accessories purchased from iFix come with a 30-Day return policy and must come back in original packing. The buyer will be responsible for return postage charges. For any faulty accessories iFix will cover the postage charges as long as it's still covered by warranty or within the 30-days of purchase. In the event that the item becomes faulty within the designated warranty period and we cannot replace it we may give a full refund for the item.

If you have any further questions regarding the warranty please contact me using the contact us email form which you will be able to find on the home page or by calling me with the number provided